Get Involved

There is a lot happening at Muslim Community Events SA and we could use all the help we can get! Imagine the reward for bringing the community together or getting the reward of helping people grow in their Deen! Below are some of the volunteer opportunities. Send us a email to with your phone number and we will get back to you super-quick to discuss!

  1. Fund-raiser
    • We need time and financial resources to market the initiative to the community, so they may benefit, improve the usability and functionality of the website and other channels and process more events and quicker. If you can help raise funds or are connected to people and organisations that are able to, it could significantly and positively impact the initiative. We already have detailed funding proposals available. We are a non-profit company
  2. Graphic Designer
    • Website
    • Online highlights posters for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc
    • Offline marketing material – Posters, Flyers, Proposals
    • Branding – Logo, look and feel of documents, bumper stickers etc
  3. Online Marketer
    • Website linking – We want to be the go to organization for whats happening in the muslim community. We would like to have muslim organisations link back to us for their events pages or allow us to provide them with a “What’s On highlights” page
    • Social Media – Help build awareness by posting on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, having your friends do so. Network, Network, Network!
  4. Offline Marketer
    • Inform organizations, masajid and potential media partners that we exist. Arrange interviews and partnerships
    • Inform individuals. Be creative
    • Put signage on your car, bumper stickers, posters at Masajid, shopping centres and shops, community organisations etc
    • Organize free or discounted print advertising
    • Print marketing material such as posters, banners, bumper stickers, business cards,
  5. Event Sourcing
    • Within the last six months we have added over 1000 events to the platform, 500 events within the Western Cape alone. This might seem like a lot but with over 200 masaajid in Cape Town and hundreds of organisations and companies we should have added about 1500-2000 events in Cape Town alone! Help us find these events and activities and connect us with the organisers. We especially need help in KZN and the Eastern Cape! Source events that we don’t have through your own network and online. Convert posters to text and send the posters with text to us. Know of an event?: or whatsapp: 065 906 9517
  6. Data-Capturer
    • Capture the name and details of event organisers so that we can inform them and let them know of events
    • Load events onto the calendar
  7. WordPress Developer
    • Help us with making the website more engaging and user friendly
    • Help us with developing functionality inline with our roadmap

Send us a email to with your phone number and we will get back to you super-quick to discuss!