About Us

What is community? According to one definition community is “the condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common”. As Muslims we have an underlying set of values in common with each other that creates a sense of community. However, what is important to each of us; what interests each of us, varies. Some of us are interested in studying Deen and growing ourselves spiritually and emotionally. Some want to give back by helping in charitable causes. Others are interested in how we should apply Islamic values in our business dealings. Parents want to learn how to raise their children to be the best Muslims they can be. For some of us our physical well-being is very important. Spouses might want to improve their marriage. Sometimes we just want to enjoy some halal food and entertainment. In some way all of us want to be part of a community and grow ourselves within an Islamic framework. In order to do this, we need to get involved… but how do we get involved if we don’t know what’s on?

Muslim Community Events SA was started by two reverts passionate about Islam but frustrated with the lack of information about the current activities within the Muslim community. Even though they lived five houses from one of the most active masaajid’s in their city, they did not know about most of the classes and activities that were taking place there. The Masjid had a website but most of the current events were not advertised. The Masjid also has a noticeboard but again most of the activities were not posted there either.

Traditional methods such as notice boards do not have adequate space and approval timelines delay the posting of events. Event organisers simply don’t have the resources to inform everyone about the event via a noticeboard. If you are not at the masjid you won’t even see the poster. Online platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram are the current methods for advertising but if you don’t receive the poster or are not connected you don’t know about the event. Often the websites advertising events are not even updated. Further they only advertise events within in a narrow framework which means activities are often not advertised that would benefit the community. Radio is great but once you have heard of an event or charity drive where do you go to find out more? We make the effort to find out about whats happening in your community so its easily accessible in one place!

Muslim Community Events South Africa showcases hundreds of events each month in and around the Muslim Community of South Africa. Whether its Islamic classes, fun-days, Qiraat, medical clinics, parenting workshops, self-empowerment classes, charity drives, fitness classes, etc. we showcase it. We enable Muslims to know what’s on in their community. When they know what’s on, they can get involved, grow themselves and build a stronger, more cohesive and more active community!

If you know of an event do let us know. Please tell others about this initiative so others may benefit!

events@muslimevents.co.za or whatsapp 072 176 6603