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Alhamdulillah! Allah has allowed us to start and grow this initiative for the good of the community Insha Allah. In the last year we have listed over 3000 events! This initiative has now become a full-time effort; sourcing and processing events, marketing, maintaining and improving the website, coordinating with media partners etc.

We now need your generous donations to help fund operational and marketing expenses and improve the service. Insha Allah your donations will allow you to share in the reward of building a stronger, involved and more knowledgeable community through every event attended. With your generous donations we hope to not only continue this service but grow it to a point where nearly all activities, courses and events in South Africa are showcased across multiple channels. In addition we aim to improve usability and functionality to make sure events are easily found and attended! We would be happy to send you a detailed funding proposal and overview.

To ensure transparency with funds we are a registered NPC (non-profit company).

Non-Profit Company Details

Enterprise Number: 2018/429065/08

Enterprise Name: Deen Life

Bank Details

Bank: FNB

Branch Code: 200909

Account Type: Cheque

Account Name: K2018429065

Account Number: 62777829783